The Wadsworth Fencing Club has a limited supply of equipment available to our newest members. Our general policy is, all members are expected to bring their own equipment in order to fence. After the first few weeks as a new member the club will work with you to order a starter set. Our preferred equipment vendor is Absolute Fencing Gear.

Starter Sets

Foil Starter Set
(Recommended Options)

  • Standard Foil Lame-Bib Mask
  • Cotton Front-Zip Jacket
  • Standard 3-Weapon Glove
  • Standard Practice Foil w/ Visconti Grip
  • Cotton Plastron
  • Fencing Bag

Foil Competition Set
(Recommended Options)

  • Standard lame-bib Mask
  • Front-Zip Foil Lame
  • 2x Standard Foil Bodycord (2-prong)
  • 2x Standard E. Foil (German "Extra")
  • Foil Mask with Electric bib
  • 2x Foil World Cup Mask Cord